An initial consultation lasts approximately one hour. Subsequent sessions are usually for 30 minutes. Contact Barbara on 01580 761579 or email for prices and current offers.

Book 6 sessions of Indian Head Massage in advance (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and the 6th is FREE.

Indian Head Massage

The benefits:

Indian Head Massage is a pleasant and simple method of relieving stress. It is also beneficial for many conditions such as migraine, headaches, eyestrain, tinnitus, sinusitis, insomnia and stiffness in the jaw, neck and shoulders. It helps the circulation and may improve hair condition and growth. It is relaxing but can also leave you feeling energised, alert, clear-headed and with improved concentration.

What to expect:

No special equipment is needed. You sit in an upright chair, fully clothed, and the areas treated are the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. A full treatment takes about 45 minutes, or 20 minutes for a gentler version. The massage can be tailored to the individual, taking into account any likes or dislikes and areas to be given particular attention.

After treatment:

You will probably be thirsty and may feel drowsy or light-headed. You may feel very calm, uplifted or tremendously energised. You could get a slight headache or experience mood swings for a short while, and the release of tension may make you feel very tired. It is advisable to be careful if driving or operating machinery, to avoid alcohol for the rest of the day and to get an early night.

To gain the full effects, and maintain improvement in physical symptoms, a weekly massage is recommended for the first month or so.