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An initial consultation lasts approximately one hour. Subsequent sessions are usually for 30 minutes. Contact Barbara on 01580 761579 or email for prices and current offers.

Bach Flower Remedies

The benefits:

A gentle way to balance the emotions and lift the spirits, the 38 Bach Flower Remedies in their many combinations can address every known emotional state. The flower essences are harmless and can be used in conjunction with other medication. This treatment can promote general good health and open the way to deeper self-knowledge. It is a good therapy to start the healing process if you don’t initially feel able to deal with the mental aspects of stress.

Bach Flower Remedies

What to expect:

The consultation will focus on how you are feeling now. Remedies are selected accordingly and you can start taking them immediately. Along with your treatment bottle you will be given a full explanation of the remedies chosen and why, and a chance to have your questions answered. Dosage is 4 drops of the remedy 4 times daily (or more often if required) and one bottle should last about 3 weeks.

After treatment:

The remedies operate so subtly that you may not be aware of feeling different at first. Sometimes the emotion being treated intensifies briefly before fading away. As the current state becomes balanced, deeper emotions may rise to the surface causing unexpected mood changes.

Follow-up consultations are recommended at least every 3 weeks to review, repeat or change the remedies according to progress. One or two bottles may be sufficient but some people find it beneficial to continue treatment over a period of 6–9 months.


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